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The world around us can feel heavy at times.    We want to take care of others first and often forget about what we need.  Come with me on my journey to discover happiness and purpose.

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Mindfulness Tip to Ponder

“What is my purpose in life?”

According to the Japanese, we all have our “Ikigai”, the reason we get up in the morning and what makes us happy in life.    Ikigai gives us a sense of purpose each and every day.

But finding our Ikigai can be a lengthy process and you should not worry too much about discovering it.

In all honesty, I’m still discovering and developing my own Ikigai.   It can be a lifelong pursuit but it is my mission to discover it.  But what I have learned thus far is to do things that you love while being around people that love you.

Join me on my journey to find my Ikigai.  Along the way, I will share with you tips, tools,  and insights on how you can find that something or things that fulfill your purpose.

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